Submission Guidelines

Are you wiser than a 12th grader?

Do you have an informed opinion about how  higher education can be improved?

Is there a question we should be asking? Tell us that too.

Have you found an essay published somewhere else that we should reprint or review? Tell us where to find it.

Send your essays, questions, and references to:

Submission Guidelines

We collect:

  • Essays from anyone (faculty, staff, students, etc.) concerning advice, wisdom, and critical thinking as applied to higher education and the development of character. Check to see if your essay answers one of our existing questions before you suggest a question of your own.
  • Essays in response to a college admissions essay topic, but only from college faculty, staff, and administration (no students).

Answer a question: Make sure you are answering a question. State which question you are answering right below the title.

Write simply. Please write the way you would speak to a friend and avoid jargon. You are writing for students from about the 11th grade onward, parents, faculty, staff, administrators, policy makers, alumni – pretty much everyone with an interest in higher education.

You don’t need to be original – just sincere. Even if someone has already said what you believe, we still want to know what that is.

Don’t restrict yourself. Our essay topics are just suggestions. Write anything you wish as long as it will offer advise, reveal character, give wisdom, or illustrate critical thinking regarding higher education.
Length: We do not restrict the length of essays although very few people will read more than 2,500 words. Try to hook the reader in the first 100 words because that is all they will see on a summary page.
Photographs: Please attach one photograph, which may be of you or meant to illustrate the story. It will be cropped to be 150 pixels wide and between 150 and 250 pixels tall.
Biography: Please send a 1-3 sentence biography, with appropriate links to additional information.
Copyright: You retain all copyrights to your original work. You may pull your piece from our site at a later time if you wish.
Previously published work: We are happy to republish work you have published elsewhere as long as you have the right to allow us to do it. If you know of something that belongs here that was written by someone else then please write to tell us.
We reserve the right to accept or reject submissions. We do not guarantee we will publish your work. Generally, we do not edit submissions because we do not feel a need to protect readers from your bad writing. Feel free to query first before putting a large effort into writing something for us.
Send all correspondence and submissions to

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