Of course I’ll write something. What a wonderful idea.
                                 – Lawrence Schall, President of Oglethorpe University
and blogger for The Huffington Post.


The answers to these Questions should be vital for every prospective student in deciding where to be educated.
Philip Zimbardo, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, 
President of the Heroic Imagination Project

I was interested to see your site. It certainly should be useful to students, and better than books like “College in a Can.”
– Jeffrey J. Williams, professor of English at Carnegie Mellon,
editor of minnesota review, and author of Critics at Work.


This is a brilliant idea.  Current students, potential students, and faculty will all be interested to know what their leaders have to say about issues that are crucial to the future of American higher education.  And good questions may even get academic communities talking about things that are more important than space allocation and on-campus parking.  This may be a great first step to supplanting the destructive U.S. News ratings.
Barry Schwartz, Professor of Psychology at Swarthmore College,
author of The Paradox of Choice and Practical Wisdom, and frequent TED speaker.


A nice idea, you have. More interesting than reading people “plugging” their college.
Peter Elbow, Professor of English Emeritus at UMass Amherst
and author of Writing without Teachers and Writing With Power.


I think this is an important and timely project. I would take part in this venture if I were a college president.
– Natesh Pillai, Assistant Professor of Statistics at Harvard University.


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