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If you are a guidance counselor, we need your guidance.
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Guidance counselors:

Top colleges ask your students to write essays in order to evaluate their character and the quality of their thinking.

But where can you or your students go to learn about the character of the people who populate colleges?

Where can you read their personal stories about how their values were formed or how they came to their life’s work?

Where can you find them discussing the important questions facing higher education?

We are building Q4Colleges to be a central repository for these things.

We’re not there yet.

We need your help.

Colleges will participate not because we want them to but because you and your students ask them to.

A personal relationship between a student and a professor can make all the difference in the college experience. We believe high school students can begin engaging with professors, researchers, administrators and others at colleges even before they apply. This may not be too difficult for a young student who is outgoing and already very engaged with a topic. For example, a student working on an experiment for a science fair project might write to a leading researcher on the topic witha  high expectation of getting a response. can give all your students a similar opportunity. You can imagine a student writing, “Dear Professor Jones, I hope to attend a college like yours in order to not only broaden my horizons, find a life’s passion, but also to develop my character. Would you be willing to tell me how you came to value the things that you do? Rather than answer the question only for me, would you allow me to share it with everyone like me at”

We are confident you can imagine other ways could help you and your students and we want to hear those ideas, particularly now while we’re still in an embryonic stage.

Please write to me and let’s work together: – Thanks, David Cha, Editor.


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