Do you have a passion for Education?

Do you have good writing and interpersonal skills?

At our mission is to collect in one place essays and stories by the people who teach and run colleges.

Our goal is to become an alternative college guide for students who care at least as much about the adults teaching and running the schools as they care about social life, recreational facilities, and food in the dining halls.

Take a look at our website:

We are looking for someone to help build this website this summer.

What will you be doing on this project?

  • Contact all the college presidents and admissions officers for all the colleges in theUSAand ask them to participate.
  • Contact professors directly to ask for contributions.
  • Talk to the press about our website.
  • Contact college newspapers and ask them to ask professors for submissions.
  • Improve the website.
  • Begin a social media campaign.
  • Connect with guidance counselors and parents to ask for feedback.
  • … this list goes on… (What would you add?)

Who started and runs this website and why?

By day, Brooke Allen (age 59) runs a trading desk at a securities firm. Seven years ago, as he was accompanying his sons on college tours and discovered it was easy to learn about facilities and programs but hard to learn about the character of the professors and administrators. Now, after four years at college, neither of his sons have established a single relationship with, or collected any life advice from, a single adult working at an institution. This upset him deeply. That is why he started and is funding it entirely out of his own pocket.

Jason Rosenfeld discovered after he arrived at Harvard that the character of the place was nothing like its reputation. He and Brooke met in 2011 during Jason’s Junior year and they began thinking about how to get teachers and administrators to reveal their character.

David Cha works for Brooke as his assistant. That means working on Q4C and whatever other projects Brooke has kicking around!

Adrienne Rodney is Brooke’s previous assistant and editor.

You can read more about us here:

What sort of people are ideal for this position?

Mature self starters.

  • High School Guidance Counselors
  • High School Teachers
  • College Adjuncts
  • Journalists/Writers
  • Parents
  • Anyone with a burning interest in improving education

Students – We can imagine undergraduate or graduate students fitting in this role, however there will not be a lot of supervision or training provided.

What is the pay?

Because Brooke is funding this entirely out of his own pocket and the project has no revenue model, he will want to keep expenses low. However, he does not want to be in violation of the minimum wage laws so he will pay something, but probably not much – this isn’t going to make you rich, at least not yet.

What can this lead to?

You will contact hundreds, perhaps thousands of professors and high level college administrators from the presidents on down. You’ll talk to dozens of journalists, and by the end of the summer you should be well informed and connected. This might help you land a job or perhaps make you more valuable as a guidance counselor, coach, or even just as a parent who cares about helping their children choose a college wisely.

If you are a journalist or author this might lead to a book or college guide.

If we get funding (either a grant or venture capital) this might turn into a full-time job, or even a career.

Is there an interest in unpaid volunteers?

Perhaps. This could be a perfect opportunity for someone to learn and build connections, but it is important that we do not violate Department of Labor laws governing volunteering, self-employment, and internships. Write to us and we’ll discuss it.

What’s next?

Take a look at our website and decide if this interests you. In lieu of a formulaic cover letter, please write and tell us why you are interested, and give us a brief outline of your background and interests. You do not need to send a resume, but feel free to if you wish. We are happy to answer all your questions.

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