Lee Clogs (U Life)

Who Am I

by Lee Clogs

I am the pen name of people who publish on Q4Colleges.com anonymously.  Although I am many people, hereafter when I say I, I mean we.

Here are the terms that all of us who publish as Lee Clogs on Q4Colleges impose on each other… oops, what I meant to say is:

Here are the terms I impose upon myself:

  • I (the contributor) own the rights to the work I submit before I submit it to be published under my name (Lee Clogs).
  • I (the contributor) grant Q4Colleges.com non-exclusive rights in perpetuity to my (the contributor’s) work.
  • I (the contributor) understand that I (Lee Clogs) won’t bother keeping track of who contributed what to being me (Lee Clogs) so if later I (the contributor) wish to stake a claim to something I (Lee Clogs) has published then I (the contributor) knows I (the contributor) can forgetaboutit – it ain’t going to happen.
  • Since I need not be associated with any university (and must not in order to maintain anonymity) then I will publish all my works tagged with the institution: University of Life (U Life).

PS. Lee Clogs is an anagram of Colleges; but if you’re smart enough to be reading this then I’m sure you’re smart enough to have figured this out already.

Author: Brooke Allen

Founder – Viral Virtue, Inc.

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