Frequently Asked Questions

(In no particular order.)


Why don’t you ask the question most people are interested in: “Why should I go to your college?” Because colleges are already answering that question with their marketing and there are plenty of books and websites to help.

We want you to ask, “If I go to this college, who will I meet there?” We want people to say who they are, what they stand for, and what they think about the important questions their institutions should be asking themselves. We believe this service will be different from what is already available.

What do you charge to use your site? Nothing.

What do you pay people who submit essays? Nothing.

What is your revenue model? Right now we don’t have one. Instead we intend to keep expenses really low and rely on volunteer labor for now. This was originally Brooke’s idea and he is footing the bill personally. If this gets big and we need to hire people to work with us or build an expensive website we’ll think about how to raise money. Suggestions are welcome. Brooke is a capitalist at heart and  he has no objections if an endeavor like this finds a way of making more money than expenses, and he does not object to paying taxes on profits and sharing it with other co-founders. That is all in the future. For now, this is just a very interesting project.

If you have a question that we do not answer on this website, please write to us.


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