Suggest Ideas

Do You Have an Idea?

For how we might:

  • Contact college Presidents
  • Get them to participate
  • Collect good questions
  • Publicize this project
  • Reach prospective students
  • Get parents to participate
  • Interest alumni
  • Present results
  • Or anything else

For this project to be a success, College Presidents need to want to answer our questions. In order for this to happen, they must be more than just good questions but also they must know others want them to answer: potential and current students, parents, faculty, alumni, guidance counselors, the press – in short, almost everyone.

How do you think we can get enough people to care? If enough people care, enough other people will care, and then the College Presidents will have no choice than to care because if they don’t, everyone will know.

Please post your suggestions for how to make this project a success as comments below.



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