Care to Help?

We can use all the help we can get.

From everyone.

Especially YOU.


To volunteer, write to us at: volunteer@Q4Colleges.com


The Problem

For us to succeed, people have to care.

College Presidents have to care enough to answer our questions.

That means:

They have to know other people care about what they write and will be disappointed if they do not participate.

We can tell college presidents about our project; that’s easy. We can just write to them; there are only a few thousand in all. But that’s not good enough.

We need hundreds of thousands or even millions of people to look forward to reading their answers.

How are we going to get hundreds of thousands of people to know about what we are doing?

That’s easy. There is you. And everyone you know. And everyone they know. Soon that’s everyone.


Suggestion #1: Tell everyone you know about us.

Write, tweet, text, call, post on your wall, yell, scream, jump up and down. Drop it into the conversation whenever you can, “I don’t think we are right for each other, but we still can be friends. By the way, did you see Q4Colleges.com? Cool, huh?”

Volunteer Suggestion #2: Get the message to everyone you DO NOT know.

This is a little harder; it requires more creativity but it can be more fun. Talk about it in your blogs, post comments on new stories, hand out flyers at conferences, put up posters around campus. And by all means, talk to strangers – some might become friends, “He wasn’t into Q4Colleges.com so I dumped him. You single?”

Suggestion #3: Make it a class project.

Marketing Class – Make this a project on viral marketing. (Suggested reading: Here Comes Everybody.)

Ethics Class – Discuss what are good questions to ask that might reveal integrity and character.

Design Class – Suggest how we can make our website better.

Business Class – Make a case study of this project. (Suggested reading: Cool Farming, and watch: Peter Gloor at Google).

Computer Class – We need help building this website and the database to hold all the answers we collect.

Education Class – Discuss this project; submit questions, etc.

We’re sure if you give it some thought, you will think of ways this fits into one of your classes. Even if it doesn’t, bring it up with your teachers. Ask them what questions they would like your College President to answer.

Suggestion #4: Get influential people to endorse us.

Ask your teachers and anyone else with influence to endorse this project. They can write to endorsement@Q4Colleges.com

This Q4Colleges project might be just the excuse you need to approach someone you admire. Just ask them, “I’d like to show you something and ask you what you think.” If they like what they see, ask them for an endorsement of the project.

Suggestion #5: Post your own suggestions below.

Also, tell us what you have been doing and how it is working out so other people can copy you.

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