Q4Colleges was started by a parent who found it very hard to see past the marketing hype and US News Rankings to get a genuine sense of the kinds of people who run and teach at the colleges his sons were considering.

Some day he imagines Q4Colleges will be as important as any college guide, but we are not there yet.

In the meantime, we can help you and your college-bound child. Here’s how:

Tell us:

  • what schools you and your children are considering
  • what fields of study interest them

Then let us work together to contact school administration and department chairs and ask them to contribute to Q4Colleges.

Their reaction will give you insights into how they operate. By sharing what they write with everyone, you will not only be helping yourself but everyone who looks at

If your child participates this could be a great way for him or her to establish relationships with the people at colleges. Or, if you wish, we can contact them anonymously on your behalf.

Write to me and let’s get started:

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