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Working and Learning is a joint publication of Questions for Colleges ( and No Shortage of Work, which are non-commercial projects dedicated to questions of higher education and work life respectively.
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Scott White’s Don’t Do Anything that Can Kill You is not exactly a “how-to” guide to getting into college; it is an explanation of the college admissions process, from the perspective of both the student and the college. It does not offer a recipe for getting top students into top colleges, but rather it shows how all students can find and get into the colleges that are best for them.

The book is packed with useful information, checklists, tables, and advice covering everything from what to do (and not do) on an application to how a teacher can write a stellar recommendation. Scott White is the Director of Guidance at one of the largest schools in suburban New Jersey, and in Chapter 2 (Are the Best Minds of our Generation Being Destroyed by Madness?) he says, “The common thread among the students having difficulty at my school, and I suspect at many high schools across the nation, is an obsessive desire to be admitted to the most elite colleges.” Don’t Do Anything That Can Kill You brings sanity to this madness.

Scott White earned a Bachelors in Psychology from Swarthmore College and a Masters in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education. He has more than 30 years experience working college admissions, and in guidance for both private and public schools. He is well respected in his industry, has published more than a dozen articles, and has moderated scores of professional discussion panels.

You can read an excerpt from his book HERE and you can download a preview HERE. If you sign up for the newsletter, and check the appropriate box, Scott will send you a free unabridged electronic copy of his book.


Brooke Allen was unemployed during the worst recession since World War II when, on the morning of May 6, 1982, someone told him something that changed his life, “Never ever in the history of human endeavor has there been a shortage of work, and when the money dries up the work piles up.”

Instead of continuing to search for a job in vain, Mr. Allen started his own consulting business and began offering people free samples of his work. Soon he was making more money than he ever had before.

In the summer of 1993 he lost his job running a trading desk in Tokyo and returned with his wife and two young sons to New York City where another horrible job market was waiting for him. Recalling those words from 1982 he was able to land work on the first interview at a company with a hiring freeze.

In April of 2009 he was speaking at a conference of his peers when he was shocked to discover that 40% of his audience was unemployed. He said, “While there might be a good reason not to have a job, there is no excuse for not having work.” He invited the audience to dinner to discuss the secrets of finding work when there are no jobs, and that is how was born.

If 1,000 people say they would like to read a free copy of a book on how to find work when there are no jobs then Brooke and his friends will write that book and give it to them. In the meantime they have other things to do because there is no shortage of work.

If you want to read How to Find Work When There are No Jobs then say so when you sign up for the Working and Learning newsletter.

Then get others to do the same.

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