Suggest a Question

What questions should colleges ask themselves??

  • Is our college here for the students or are the students here for us?
  • Should our college game the U. S. News rankings?
  • If we do not game the U. S. News rankings, should we “out” those that do?
  • How is our reputation different from reality?
  • Should “caveat emptor” be the operative philosophy when we market to students, or should we hold ourselves to a higher standard than, say, a car manufacturer?
  • Do we have a fiduciary responsibility to put our students’ best financial interests ahead of our own?
  • Should we disclose if our admissions process is “need blind?”
  • Should applicants be allowed to opt-in to a need blind process so that they can know that if they are admitted it was solely on the basis of merit?
  • What kinds of students discover after they get here that this is not the place for them?
  • What, if anything, should a diploma from our college mean other than having passed a minimum number of courses? Should it imply certain ethics, principles, attitudes, thinking skills, etc.?
  • Are students the customers, the product, or something else?

Suggest a question.

If you have a good question you don’t see above, tell us about it.

Questions should be broadly applicable. They should be reflective (about “us” not “them”) and therefore worded as if the institution were asking itself, e.g. “Should we be need blind?” rather than, “Should colleges be need blind?”

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