Who is John Wooden


John Robert Wooden was the much beloved basketball player and coach who led UCLA to 10 NCAA national championships over a 12 year period.

Jason is a sports fan and he suggested a Wooden quote to best describe our goal of getting people who try to craft their reputation to say things that are revealing of character.

Brooke is not a sports fan and he suffers during baseball season because his wife loves the Mets and the Yankees. He would have preferred a quote from Ben Franklin, SocratesChurchill, or Mark Twain.  David Nichols, a faculty adviser, advised that a quote from a sports figure would not be well received by academics.

However, after considerable effort, none of us could find a better expression of our theme. After all, as Studs Terkel has documented, the development of character is not an academic endeavor and even illiterates and the unschooled can teach us a lot about character if they are willing reveal their own.


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